Top 5 Seller Tips When Selling Your Home

Top 5 Staging Tips for Sellers in Today's Market

Friday Sep 01st, 2023


When it comes time to sell your home you should prepare to take steps to boost the value of your home for maximum returns!  You may be in a situation where your home needs some updates, repairs or upgrades.  But choose your renovations carefully as some simply don't yield the same level of return.  Now before you sledgehammer the walls or empty your savings not all home renovations are equal. Below you will find a list of the top 5 home renovations that have a significant impact on your selling potential:

1. Dazzle with curb appeal - Top Home Seller Tip #1

They say you only have one chance to make a first impression. From the moment they arrive at the front door the Buyer is deciding whether of not they want to own purchase your home.  Colours, exterior improvements, landscaping can make all the difference.  Many subtle touches that have huge impact could include power washing the home exterior, re-painting window frames and doors, and installing some pot lights. If your property has abundant green space, you should consider landscaping services which beautify the lawn with mulch, shrubs, and planting seasonal colourful plants. If you have the means for it, adding new stone veneers, entry doors, and garage doors almost always recoup 100% of their cost.


2. A Nose Knows - Top Home Seller Tip #2

While most may not give it a second thought you need to be mindful of the smells in your home when getting ready to sell.  Running a humidifier in the basement does not hide the smell of mold or moisture and using lots of air freshener will not hide the smoke (whichever kind it is). So be mindful in the weeks and months before selling to lighten up on foods that are heavy with seasoning or leave a lingering odour in the home.  These smells can seep into the drywall, carpets, and curtains if we are not diligent. Remember our olfactory becomes accustomed to our living environments and desensitized to odours that may be a turn off to others and decrease the interest in your home.


3. A fresh coat of paint - Top Home Seller Tip #3

The fastest and cheapest way to refresh, renew add crisp canvas is a clean coat of paint.  On average the return on investment is over 100%  Neutral, grays, creams, tans with an accent wall can modernize any space with ease.  Lightening the colour of the new paint will help to lighten and enlarge rooms and minimize any defects. By revamping, rooms with non-neutral paint colours, can offer huge benefits and profits!  When a buyer enters your home they make easier buying decisions when they can envision themselves living there, placing furniture and assigning rooms because there is room for their personality to settle.  Without these impactful changes you may very well hinder your goal of selling your home for quickly and for top dollar too.


4. Minor kitchen remodeling - Top Home Seller Tip #4

Buyers often report that the kitchen is the most important room in the house.  An outdated kitchen or one that requires an extensive renovation is enough to turn a buyer around and out the door.  That's why a gorgeous kitchen can entice even the most reserved buyers and they may be more willing to overlook potentially outdated spaces because the kitchen simply shines!

Now, I'm not recommending that you spend tens of thousands to improve the kitchen. I'm suggesting minor renovations like re re-painting cabinets, installing new handles, installing stainless steel appliances, upgrading countertops, and putting up a new backsplash to bring the most impact at a reasonable cost.


5. Bathroom remodeling - Top Home Seller Tip #5

What room is second to the kitchen?  Yes, you guessed it - the bathroom.  After passing the first 4 steps above, buyers will speed to bathrooms to develop their overall opinion of the home. Small bathroom touchups can provide a 102% return on investment.   Replacing the caulk around the shower, tub, and toilet, re-grouting tile, replacing the toilet for both aesthetic and efficiency purposes can be a huge selling point).


If you're thinking of selling and want a professional opinion or to discuss your game plan, feel free to reach out.  I'm here and I'm happy to help. 



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