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Education is key! Download our buyers guide and give yourself an advantage in today's market.

With the majority of buyers starting their home search on the internet - and even more so with CoVid-19, it makes sense to equip yourself for what is likely one of the largest purchases you will make.   The more prepared you are the better decisions you will make.  It is my goal to empower you so you can do just that! 

Let's get comfy! Choosing the right Realtor.

Look, I believe a great Realtor is responsive, knowledgeable, personable and truly concerned about you.  Finding the right Realtor is about trust, skill, communication, wisdom and follow through.  My connections become your connections, your concerns are my concerns and my knowledge is your knowledge. I am here to guide you each step of the way and beyond the closing date. And I'm also your voice of reason should yours start to weaken. 

Show Me the Money!

Going on line to see what you can afford is a start but nowhere near being enough. It is imperative that you meet with a mortgage professional who actually completes a thorough assessment of your ability to be approved for a home financing.  While not spoken of often one of the largest responsibilities is to protect you financially. So before we look at homes you need to be properly assessed - and not by your baby brother who just got his mortgage license.

What comes before location, location, location? Focus, Focus, Focus!

Bruce Lee said, "The successful warrior is the average man, with laser-like focus." Focus is necessary to find your perfect needle in a stack of houses.  By narrowing your neighbourhood and having a clear list of needs and wants we can improve your chances of finding your perfect abode.

Create a list of wants vs needs. (checklist in our pre consultation package)

Of course we all want a west facing property with views of the city, a massive balcony, split bedrooms and a massive kitchen island. The reality is if you include too many wants in your search you may be left on the sidelines for a long time. Make sure to properly balance your wants vs needs and be realistic about what's available.

Get homes delivered via email with Listing Updates!

If you're serious about your search then you need Listing Updates!  Listing Updates sends you an email of properties that match your selected criteria the moment the hit the MLS - faster than being posted on NOW you can start your property search, and every serious buyer needs to be getting automatic Listing Updates. You need every advantage you can get in this market.  Do yourself a favour and take the next few seconds to  join by clicking the button below.

Make an offer based on comparables.

Once you find the perfect place you need to move fast! We don't ever rush our clients, but if you have properly prepared it won't feel rushed. We know how hard it is to find amazing places and we simply want our clients to have them! When making an offer my team and I will protect your best interests by including conditions with the offer and negotiating with a maximum price in mind to ensure you don't overpay or go past your comfort level unnecessarily. 

Deliver the deposit check.

Time is of the essence!  The 24 hours clock (unless otherwise agreed to contractually) starts before the ink dries.  In order to keep the deal alive you must deliver the deposit cheque within 24 hours to the listing firm or lawyer who represents the Seller (unless otherwise indicated).  To avoid any issues make sure your money (at least 5% - 6%) is liquid in a bricks and mortar chequing account prior to house hunting. If you're seconds late with the cheque you may be saying goodbye to your dream home because the deal is legally null and void.  Preparation is key!

Fulfil or Waive conditions in the agreement of purchase and sale before the deadline!

If your offer contains conditions like a finance condition, home inspection, legal review you only have a limited amount of time to "waive" or "fulfil" the conditions otherwise the deal dies and your deposit will be returned to you. The END. If you waive or fulfil the conditions, the deal then becomes "firm" and you are obligated to now close on the property. Neither side can back out at this point. This is your que to book the movers and finalize finances in order. 

Happy dance time! Close the deal and get the keys!

Your lawyer and mortgage broker will set up meetings with you (likely virtual) a few days before closing to sign off on the final documents. The lawyer will let you know exactly how much you need to bring with you when you meet, but it will include the remaining portion of your downpayment, land transfer tax and legal fees, HST on CMHC fees. Once you have done that, you get the keys to your awesome new property!

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